The nature of these threats is now changing and the threats have extended into cyber-space. Cyber threats no longer just come from mischievous hackers playing games. They come from organised, smart, stealthy criminal groups and nations, looking to steal intelligence and capital. Attacks pioneered by nation states are now being used to attack businesses of all sizes and standard security technology has dropped in effectiveness from 80% to 20% over the past 10 years.
Additionally criminals are taking advantage of modern communications and computing techniques to plan and conduct their crimes. The techniques and tools that enable business and law enforcement to detect, prevent and investigate crime – both in the physical and cyber worlds – are in the process of rapid adaption.
At the same time, society is evolving the way we consume technology, putting more data out into the public arena than ever before, demanding that Governments, businesses, individuals and communities are all interconnected, and all with the expectation that our privacy is protected.


• We offer a broad portfolio of on premise, managed and cloud-based products and services that are battle proven against the world’s most dangerous threats. 
• And it’s not just cybercrime we defend against. We also help companies and Governments defend against increasing regulatory burdens and communication infrastructure changes
• Intelligence is at the core of what we do:
o Cyber defence: Monitoring, analytics, email and cloud-based security, investigation and incident response solutions
o Financial Crime Prevention: Identifying, combating and preventing financial threats, risk, loss or penalties
o Communications Intelligence: Next generation intelligence and cybersecurity solutions for national security and   law enforcement; compliance solutions for CSPs
o Digital Transformation: Using data to pursue new business models, enhance customer engagement and improve business operations