The STP9100 is designed for users who require many of the key advantages of the STP9000 range, but typically need to perform only a limited range of tasks using their radio. As part of a truly innovative series of TETRA hand-portable radios, designed for users who want the best, the STP9100 inherits all the market-leading attributes of the existing flagship STP8000 series, but fuses them with a new generation of highly innovative features which will be attractive to a broad range of end-users. Just some of the key features include; an IP67 rating (dust- and water-proof), advanced sensitive GPS, enhanced and intuitive user interface and RFID capability.

Rugged Design

The STP9100 boasts a considerable range of benefits, including:

Robustness- With its IP67 (dust- and water-proof) environmental protection rating, which means that it will still function after having been submerged in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, the STP9100 is truly robust. In addition, new Connector Protector technology provides additional protection against the potential damage that salt water and salt fog can cause to the connectors.

Indoor / urban canyon location – the sensitive GPS in the STP9100 will allow users to report their location even in dense urban and some indoor locations.

Information Security

Improved ease of use – the STP9100 provides an enhanced user interface, which offers three presentation styles, which users can select according to their personal preference. Compatibility mode is similar to Sepura’s existing user interface (used on one million locations worldwide), enabling existing Sepura users to be immediately comfortable with the new STP9100. Grid and list modes will appear familiar to new users who may be used to user interfaces on smartphones or other cellular industry devices. In both cases, organisations will minimise training costs for existing staff and new recruits.

Long Battery Life

Smart keypad and display technology – Following detailed user feedback, Sepura has added “haptic” technology to the STP9100. Haptics produce a physical movement of the radio, felt through the hand, which confirms to gloved users that the key press has been successful. In addition, the “Twist and Zoom” feature uses smartphone technology to allow a portrait image to be zoomed to full-screen size, allowing the user to see full detail of an image, such as a missing person, as they rotate the radio.

Operational efficiency – innovative hardware design blocks out background noise, whilst enhanced audio equalisation technology provides a radically enhanced full-duplex audio experience.


Ease of Use

Advanced resource management – tracking radios, particularly in a pooled system, can be difficult, so the STP9100’s built-in RFID tag will be of considerable benefit to many users.

Enhanced user safety – with the further battery life improvement that the STP9100 brings, the safety of users will be safeguarded.

Reduced cost of ownership – unlike new models from other manufacturers, the STP9100 is compatible with all STP8000 series accessories, thereby helping organisations to keep costs down.