The full-keypad STP8X features a full, highly-tactile keypad and is designed to meet the communications requirements of users who need not only a rugged, robust Intrinsically-Safe TETRA radio, but also require swift and easy access to a full set of functionality. As well as an IP67 environmental protection rating, loud, clear audio and a choice of intuitive user interfaces, it also meets the highly-demanding v6 of the IECEx / ATEX standard. Designed for ease of use, enhanced user safety and a level of robustness that enables it to withstand the very harshest and most challenging conditions, the STP8X is, combined with its full suite of Sepura accessories, the complete package that users in sectors such as oil and gas exploration, chemicals, airports, fire and rescue, open-cast mining and the military require

Ease of Use

The full-keypad STP8X allows easy access to the full set of functionality on the radio. It enables, for example, users to easily undertake ad-hoc dialling. It also features an enhanced user interface which offers three different presentation styles, selectable according to the user’s personal preference or operational requirements. This choice of user interface helps to minimise training costs. In addition, the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity enables users to connect easily to suitable peripheral devices and accessories.


Rugged Design

The STP8X offers unrivalled levels of ruggedness and robustness. Its IP67 rating means that is able to withstand submersion in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes and is dustproof. Its suitability for the harshest and most challenging of environments is considerably enhanced by the fact that it meets the highly-demanding v6 of the IECEx / ATEX standards.

Audio Quality

Clear communication is fundamental to user safety. The STP8X’s unrivalled clarity and loudness of audio, achieved through innovative hardware and software, enables users to receive messages clearly. In addition, its specially-designed accessories deliver outstanding full- and half-duplex audio quality to help with these issues.


A Range of Solutions

The full-keypad STP8x is part of an overall range of Sepura IS solutions. This includes not only two variants of radio, but also a range of audio accessories which have been specifically designed to meet the communication and operating requirements of the many sectors which make use of IS equipment.